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Our story is short and simple. We are a family-owned small business created by my brothers and sister. We are self-taught Vela Makers.


Our brand started as a Christmas dinner conversation in 2018 when my sister has gifted a candle from one of the big box stores. She liked the scent, but asked, “why couldn’t we get candles that smell like home and reminds us times spent with the familia.” I said, “like what, Pan Dulce and cafe?” We laughed a bit about and our light bulb went on and we said, “why not?”


After the holidays, we sat down and watched YouTube tutorials on how to make candles. We learned as much as we could. We gathered our small savings and ordered a candle making kit from the internet. After much trial and error, we began to duplicate scents that brought nostalgia and took us back to our childhood.

​Our scents are mostly inspired from our childhood memories of Summers spent with our grandmother (Nana). From her Fresas con Crema dessert to her pitchers of thirst-quenching cold Horchata she would make for us on those hot summer days. On Sunday mornings, Pan Dulce (Conchas) and Cafe de la Olla were a staple as we sat in her kitchen and talked about everything and nothing.


​Family, friends and coworkers loved them so much, they practically forced us to create our Etsy shop. We opened our Etsy shop and created our website in February 2019. We didn’t get many sales at first, but then we came across LatinX popup shops and decided to give those a try. Our first pop up shop was in Downey, at Mercado Downey. Everyone loved our candles because they were very unique in traditional hand-painted Barro bowls and mugs. The reception to our candles was so good, we sold out!


This event opened our eyes to other LatinX events throughout Los Angeles and California. We have been vending at these events ever since and our following has been growing. We do 2-4 events every month and our business has increased our Etsy and website stores.


We started with six scents and our candle line has grown to over 40 nostalgic and unique scents. Our candle line includes unique containers and kits.

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