This is a must have for all coffee junkies. Coffee and cinnamon pair perfectly together, to remind you of traditional hot Mexican style cafe. You can light these wax melts in the mornings before starting your day or at nights for a mood boost.


Our Soy blend wax melts are perfect to use with any wax warmer. These melts are hand poured and have been formulated to last for hours of use, and melt easily at low temperatures




Simply break away 1-2 cubes and place them in your electric tart or tealight warmer. Always use with caution around pets & children as wax can become hot. Tarts are a great alternative to candles for people who prefer not to have or are unable to have an open flame (ie. dorms, office, class room).

Cafe de Olla Soy Wax Melts ~ Fresh Coffee with Cinnamon Blend~ Hand Crafted