Pandemic Birthday? Can't See a friend or loved one? Long Distance Birthday? Can't find your favorite Mexican candy where you live?


Gift this sweet candy goodie bag to a partner, friend or treat yourself to something nice!


Each goodie bag will be unique and made to order with an —full of your favorite mexican candies, confetti, blank greeting card, and more! This specially curated Dodgers bag comes with 4 stickers and key chain


* Each bag will vary slightly in color and selection based on availability. 



This Deluxe Goodie Bag Includes:

1-MORE of your favorite candies

4-Dodgers stickers - weatherproof

1-Dodgers acrylic keychain

1- Customized card of your choice. (Please select the card and include a message for us to handwrite! Be sure to include your name if you want the receipient to know who sent it, no in