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Como Empezamos

Our story is short and simple. We are a family-owned small business created by my brothers and sister. We are self-taught Vela Makers.


Our brand started as a Christmas dinner conversation in 2018 when my sister has gifted a candle from one of the big box stores. She liked the scent, but asked, “why couldn’t we get candles that smell like home and reminds us times spent with the familia.” I said, “like what, Pan Dulce and cafe?” We laughed a bit about and our light bulb went on and we said, “why not?”


After the holidays, we sat down and watched YouTube tutorials on how to make candles. We learned as much as we could. We gathered our small savings and ordered a candle making kit from the internet. After much trial and error, we began to duplicate scents that brought nostalgia and took us back to our childhood.


Nostalgic & Unique Scents

Our scents are mostly inspired from our childhood memories of Summers spent with our grandmother (Nana). From her Fresas con Crema dessert to her pitchers of thirst-quenching cold Horchata she would make for us on those hot summer days. On Sunday mornings, Pan Dulce (Conchas) and Cafe de la Olla were a staple as we sat in her kitchen and talked about everything and nothing.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our candles are very unique because they are poured into traditional hand-made, hand-painted Barro bowls. We specialize in unique candles and traditional scents like Cafe de Olla, Pan Dulce, Flan, Horchata, Fresas con Crema, Mazapan.


Another one of our specialties is our Fabuloso-like scented and Vaporu candles that smell just like the real thing.


We are most proud of the support and reception we have had to our candles. It makes us happy when someone smells our candles and they smile and say that it reminds them of a memory when they were young or it reminds them of a family member, especially Abuela’s house.


Another thing we are proud of is our logo. We have been asked, “Why did you choose a Luchador mask as your logo?” The reason we used a Luchador as our logo is because our parents always told us when we were growing up, “Siempre LUCHA por lo que quieres, LUCHA por un futuro mejor. Tienes que LUCHAR por lo que tú quieres por que nadie más lo va a hacer por ti” (Always FIGHT for what you want, FIGHT for a better future. You have to FIGHT for what you want because no one will do it for you) So the logo is not only a reminder of our parents but also for the Luchadoras and Luchadores in all of us. A lot of us come from immigrant parents that came to this country for a better future for their children. Our parents worked too hard and gave up too much for us to just give up.


We believe that our unique candles and ideas set us apart from others. We try and stay true to our culture and roots.

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